Sunday, January 24, 2010

Book Review

Book review: Ghost stories Volume II: The Memoirs of a Psychiatrist ( حكايات الأشباح الجزء الثانى: يوميات طبيب نفسى) by Ola Barakat: Following her interesting, but hit and miss first collection of horror stories, Egyptian writer Ola Barakat delivers the goods with the second volume. Starting with the stylish and tremendously chilling interrelated stories The Memoirs of an insane woman and the title story, this collection takes the reader on a ride through the scary depths of Egyptian folklore and mythology, giving the stories a modern twist that makes them feel fresh.

With stories focusing on the Baron Palace, Djin, hauntings and insanity, this is a fine collection of Egyptian horror stories, written in Barakat's straightforward style, which makes it a quick and easy read, yet one filled with memorable imagery.

Can't wait for her to write a novel!

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