Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book Review

Book Review: The Song Of Solomon (نشيد الإنشاد) by Amir Ramses: The literary debut of Egyptian filmmaker Amir Ramses, The Song of Solomon is a stylish, heartfelt, and enjoyable piece of literary fiction. Focusing on a love triangle between the three central characters - Beatrice, a free-spirited young French woman, Osama, an Egyptian free-lance photographer who is both in love with Beatrice and Paris, and Salam, a Sufi
singer visiting paris for a series of concerts - this is a tale that, thanks to Ramses's smooth prose and his ability to draw realistic, endearing characters, is hopelessly romantic, beautifully sensual, and hauntingly atmospheric. For a first-time novelist, Rames surprisingly has a sharp sense of place; his descriptions of Paris, its people, streets, shops and bars, are wonderfully evocative without being long-winded, and despite a cliched ending and mostly stilted dialogue, this is a memorable and touchingly romantic novel, that is both modernist and reminiscent of classic romantic fiction.

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