Thursday, September 6, 2012

"The Maadi Killer" (سفاح المعادى) hits bestseller lists!

My latest novel "The Maadi Killer (سفاح المعادى), and after being in stores for almost a year, has finally become a bestseller in Egyptian bookstores, including The BookSpot in Maadi (snapshot of the bestseller list below), where it joins other bestsellers by Ibrahim Eissa, Youssef Zidan, actor Ahmed Helmy, Ahmed Mourad, among others.

"The Maadi Killer" is the second book in my "Egypt Trilogy", the first being "The Diary of A Dead Young Woman" (مذكرات ميتة), which was published in 2010.


  1. I seem to remember a certain "timsah al-maadi" تمساح المعادي from 2007 about,
    فهل من صلة تربطها بالكتاب؟
    أرغب في القراءة

    1. شكراً على رسالتك. رداً على سؤالك، لا يوجد صلة على الإطلاق بين "تمساح المعادى" وروايتى، ولكن بين صفحات الرواية ستجد عجائب وغرائب كثيرة!